Spin System

Variable speed belt spin system reduces operational noise and improves working lifetime and is ideal to handle racing wheels without any additional clamping accessory.

Stabilization Foot (Optional)

The stabilization foot allows the machine to operate on wheels having max weight of 50 Kg (110lbs) that will be 75 kg (165lbs) when using the floor installation kit.

Shaft Locking Device (Optional)

Available on demand the wheel-holder shaft locking device, which allows an easy and precise application of the balancing weight.

Quick Optimization Program

“Quick Optimization” program caculates the best coupling configuration between rim and tyre in order to minimize the overall wheel inbalance, thus reducing vehicle running noise and perceived vibration levels.


  1. Self-calibration and self-diagnosis.
  2. Auto measure distance data.
  3. Available conversion between inch and millimeter, gram and ounce
  4. Optional motorbike clamps and center less hole clamps.
  5. Standard wheel cover with automatic starting.


Max. wheel weight: 70kg

Motor Power: 180W~300W

Power Supply: 220V

Balancing Accuracy: ±1g

Balancing Speed: 220rmp

Rim Diameter: 10’’~24’’(265~615mm)

Rim Width: 1.5’’~20’’(40~510mm)

Measuring Time: 8s

Working Noise: <70db

Net Weight: 80kg