Working Arm

The working arm control can be manual by means of a reinforced spring or pneumatic. The vertical post is equipped with conic bushed and regulation systems for easy maintenance activities.

Self-centering Turntable

System is able to employ unique rod geometry to lock and clamp tyres throughout all rim diameters without adapters and adjustments.

Universal Pneumatic Device UPH & BPS

Universal auxiliary device UPH assists the operator to easily mount and demount particularly tough or low profile tyres such as Run-Flat.

Mounting Head Quick Change Device

The  patented system integrated inside the hexagonal vertical arm which allows changing mounting heads in seconds without reducing the original machine working capacity.


  1. Automatic tire changer suitable for car and motorcycle wheels.
  2. With disc chuck and heat treatment hexagon pole suitable for car and motorcycle.
  3. Tilting vertical arm
  4. Operating arm pneumatic locking
  5. 24’’ turntable, outside clamping
  6. Air operated bead beaker
  7. Oversize body
  8. Extractable pedal unit
  9. Equipped with 2 speed

Optional Auxiliary Devices and Functions

  1. PX8 Help Arm: Designed for swing arm to facilitate the operations for mounting low profile tires.
  2. Inflation Device for Tubeless Tires: Quick inflation device with pedal control for quick blasting.
  3. CVS Motor is optional.


Rim clamping: 10’’- 24’’

Max. wheel diameter:1000mm(39’’)

Max. wheel width: 340mm(13’’)

Bead-breaker cylinder force at 10 bar: 3000kg

Operating pressure: 10bar (140psi)

Power Supply: 220V/380V

Motor Power: 0.55kw/0.75kw

Max. spindle torque: 1200Nm

Max. inflating pressure: 3.5bar (50 psi)

Packing Dimension(mm): 970Lx760Wx940H

Gross weight: 233kg